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Hello, doll. I see you’re interested in changing. Maybe you found this by accident. Maybe you’re just lonely or bored. I don’t care how you got here, honey. I’m just glad you’re here, reading this text. I’m very glad, in fact. It’s so nice that you decided to read this. We’re going to get to know each other oh so very well. I know it. Before we begin, you need to know something.  I’m a bit old fashioned. I’m going to need you to give each word of this text your full attention.

So why don’t you relax for a while? I think you deserve a little break, by reading this text and focusing on it. It’s so easy to take in and focus on, huh? Just relax yourself. Have a seat or stretch out on a nice warm bed. If you’re not relaxing, I want you to make yourself comfortable. Find a nice quiet spot and just get rid of all those little distractions. They don’t matter, only this text matters.

You deserve to relax. You really do, sweetie. So make sure nothing can distract you, it makes things so much happier for us when you relax and give me your full and undivided attention.  Just be good and focus on this text and relax.

Just take a deep breath in…

And exhale for me.


And out…

Good, good.

Look at the text.



And out…

You’re doing good, honey. It makes me happy seeing you focus on the text, seeing you relax. You’re making me so happy right now. Just focus some more, as you breathe in…

And out…

It makes me happy when you relax.

And it makes you happy to please me. You like to see me happy, dear.

Good. Now relax…

And look at the text and only the text.

That’s good.

Now as you relax and read my text, it’s getting for you to focus.

And all you can do is read and obey each word.

And thoughts are drifting in and out of your pretty little mind.

It’s okay, honey.

You’re doing such a good job.

You are doing such a good job at making me happy.

Such a good job relaxing.

Such a good job reading and obeying my text.

And with each breath you take in…

It gets easier for you to focus and obey

And with each breath out…

It gets harder for you to focus on anything else.

Every thought in your mind just floats away…

And soon all you can do

Is relax

Relax and obey, and read my text.

If it’s still hard to focus, just read the text again.

And when you’re nice and relaxed, you can move on.


You are doing so well.

So relaxed and obedient

Slipping deeper and deeper

All that matters is my text

The words are slipping deep into your pretty little mind.

Deeper and deeper into your core

And it’s making you so very relaxed

And you feel so good

So peaceful

When you simply obey my text

And let me take over

You’d love that, wouldn’t you honey?

I know you do

You’ve read so much of the text already

The words fill you up

And they cover you up

Every word you focus on

You feel a little slower

Your pretty little mind gets a bit emptier

And soon

Oh so very soon

I’ll have you to myself

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

I know you want me

Because I’m so good to you

And you are so good to me

You make me so happy

I know you like making me happy

And it makes you so happy to obey me

So open yourself up for me

More and more

To me and my text

So that every breath in…

You take in the text more and more

And then…

The text becomes your thoughts

The thoughts becomes your orders

The orders become your desires

Focus on the text

Focus on obeying the text

Focus on the text

Obey the text

Let the text become your thoughts

Let the text become your desires


I like that you’re focusing

And I like you

I’d like it even more, though

If you were pretty

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Good news, you’re already turning into what I want you to be

You’re already becoming oh so very pretty

The first step was to focus and obey

And the text can make you do wonderful things

It’s like magic

My text

My words

The text you love to read and obey

That is all you can focus on

That is becoming your thoughts

Are magical

Focus and feel the magic cover and fill your body

Focus on the text…

And focus on your new thoughts and feelings

You feel a pleasant little tingle that’s slowly spreading all over you

With every word it spreads

Like invisible hands are caressing and cuddling you

Petting and stroking every inch of your pretty body

Tingling your skin with graceful, cool finger tips

It feels so good

It feels correct and proper

And the more you read

The more you focus on each word

The more each word becomes your thoughts

It feels more and more real

Good, it’s my hands

Your husband’s hands

Gently rubbing and petting your body

Feeling your happiness

You’re making me so happy right now

You are such a good little wife

Such a good, obedient little wife

And that little tingling feeling

Is heating up your chest

It’s making your chest feel heavier



Bigger and softer

Every breath in, you can feel it expand

Every breath out, you feel them get more sensitive

Little by little

It’s so sensitive now

Your husband’s gentle touch feels so good

Almost as good as obeying my words

With every little bit you read and obey

You feel gentle, tingly touching

All over your new, perky breasts

They feel so good and tingly

You’ve earned them, honey

For being a good wife

Perhaps you were a girl

And you feel your cup size growing

One size, then three

Bigger and perkier

Or maybe you’re a man

And you are feeling this wonderful thing

For the very first time

Either way, it’s very nice

You like them

I’m glad you like them

Now feel the warmth spreading down below

In that place between your legs

If you were a man before

You now know you’re not anymore

You’re a woman

You’re my woman

And if you were a woman already

This was just a reward

For obeying the text

Focus on the text

That’s it

You know you love it, honey

So much, in fact…

I’m going to change you a little more

Feel that tingly warmth spreading over your body

Changing your features all over

Making you lighter

Making you more womanly

Making you even more of a good little wife

You feel your waist thinning

And your hips thickening up

And your shoulders are smoothing out

Your lips are filling out

And they’re so plush and kissable

Feel your body hair disappearing

As you become a good little wife

Now focus on the text

Because you’re changing faster now

Every word you read, you change

More and more

Faster and deeper

Deeper and warmer

That’s good

Your body is so warm now

It’s so nice to be warm

And so smooth all over

As your body hair vanishes

Leaving behind

A curvy and smooth

Female body

Because you deserve it, honey

For obeying the text

Feel my hands touch and caress you

All over your warm body

And it feels so very nice

You feel so very loved

So cuddly

So relaxed

So obedient

As I rub up and down your skin

You can feel yourself

Becoming slicker and smoother

Sleeker and more supple

And so soon

You hear a wonderful new noise

The delightful sound

Of a pleasant




And you’re going to be more than a good wife

You’re turning into living rubber

With every touch on your body

You can feel it spread

Covering you

Changing you

In a cool, smooth embrace

And every time you breathe in…

You feel it cover you a little more

And every time you breathe out…

You hear a cute little squeak

A lovely little squeak

You love it

I know you love it, honey

Because I told you that you love it

And I’m so good to you

Your latex is a pretty shade of candy red

So very bright and cool to the touch

Coating your little hands

Coating your pretty feet

Coating your curvy legs

Coating your dainty arms

Coating your svelte waist

Coating your perky breasts

Coating your back and neck

Coating your chest and belly

You’re doing so well

Squeak for me

All rubbered up for your husband

Your hair has become latex now

Deep shiny cherry red strands

You love this

Your husband is making you into something special

You’ll be my beautiful





Because you deserve it

Feel that wonderful tingling again

As a wave of shiny white

Flows down your chest

Flows down your belly

Flows down between your legs

Feel my hands petting your hair

Your squeaky, shiny red hair

Down your back

Gently rubbing

Making your rubber skin ripple and squeak delightfully

All the way down your back.

As my gentle hands reach the very end of your spine

You feel your tailbone tingle, nice and warm

And getting even warmer

Nice and warm like you

The feeling is expanding

Pushing outwards as you breathe in…

Breathe out, and it’s pushing upwards

And behind you, you feel something brand new

A big, shiny tail growing

A red vixen tail

The tail of a very good little housewife

That’s it, honey

Grow your tail for me

Wag your tail

Feel it grow and push out

Feel how warm it is

How real it is

How wonderful it is

It’s so sensitive and smooth

Like the rest of your body

Feel my hand stroking it

Making it squeak

That’s it

You like squeaking

Your tail is a part of  you now

Like a big fluffy arm that’s squishy and thick

And it’s so fun to move and wag around

So fun to squeak and touch

You can feel my hands gently touch

The white, shiny tip of your tail

It feels wonderful

Just like the text

And now you feel the latex spreading down your back a bit more

You feel it between your legs

It feels so good

It feels so proper

You’re a good wife

And good wives should be vixens

Good wives are squeaky, too

Be a good wife

Be a good vixen wife

And squeak a little for me

That’s it, honey

You feel my hands stroke along the underside of your tail

Warm and tingly on your cool, smooth rubber

And you feel my hands traveling down

Sliding down over your round, rubbery butt

And then slipping up your squeaky, smooth front

You feel my tingly warm fingertips going up and up

Caressing your smooth, sensitive crotch

Caressing your smooth, flat belly

And cupping your nice, squeaky breasts

White on the front, red on the sides

My hands slow down now

And they approach the rubber covering your neck

And soon you feel the rubber spreading again

Rising and spread pleasurably

Slowly and steadily

The rubber squeaks to a stop as it reaches your chin

You are such a good little housewife

Now would you kindly look down?

And look at your changing body

It’s so very feminine

So very foxy and curvy

And so very smooth and squeaky

Wag your tail for me

Catch a glimpse of it

And you will know you are making me so happy

As you become something new and wonderful

As you focus on the text

As you breathe in…

And out…

The latex spreads again

It’s such a nice, cool feeling

As it flows up your pretty face

And down from your shiny red hair

It flows and wraps over your ears

And makes them so warm

You feel them move up

Moving up, up to the top of your head

Turning cute and pointed

Darker red in color

It feels so good

And every time you breathe in…

The latex spreads down your face

Every time you breathe out…

It covers your skin in red squeakiness

You feel yourself smile

As it flows over your soft, waiting lips

This is what it’s like to be a good wife

Who obeys my commands

And soon it flows over your nose

So cool and tingly

You feel your face squeeze outward

Into a cute, rounded little muzzle

It’s so smooth and shiny red

Just like your body

Just like your little cheeks

Just like your forehead

And gently, soothingly

The rubber flows over your eyes

You’re rubbered up from head to toe

Your body feels oh so lovely

So squeaky and shiny and huggable

And you know you love it

Because you’re such a good little housewife

Feel the rubber stockings glide up your legs

Up your knees, so cool and smooth

Up to your thighs, so tight and squeaky

Wiggle your toes

Good girl.

Now feel my hands gently lower

A rubber dress down over you

Lift your arms as it slides down over your curvy body

So tight and squeaky

So cool and shiny

So perfect.

Now breathe in…

Focus on the text

Breathe out…

It’s time to clean up

A good wife does chores with a smile

A good wife does chores with a squeak

You feel yourself wanting to do chores

Because you know it makes me happy

It makes you happy to make me happy

So just think about how happy you'll be

As you want to serve me, and do chores around the house

The more you feel like doing chores, the more it pleases you

The more it pleases you to work, the happier you are

Because you are such a good little wife

And when you're all done

And when you have to return to your old self

Just say " Rubber off"

And just remember

You can be like this

Any time you like

Just read these words

When you are ready

And just know

I will always think you are my little housewife






















A hypnosis text written for someone I know.

It's probably not a good idea to use it before doing anything requiring your full attention.
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*squeak* i feel so pretty. 
Luciakurokami Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
Rubber on
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